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Netflix competitor Popcorn Time has been revived after MPAA shuts it down

Oct 23, 2015 09:20 AM EDT


The MPAA had ordered to shut down a Netflix competitor, Browser Popcorn. It is a free stand alone application in the web for pirated movies and TV shows. At this point, it was revived as Popcorn Time.

Motion Picture Association of America had sent a cease and desist order to a 15-year-old Milan Kragujevic. According to a report from The Verge, Kragujevic is the owner of Browser Popcorn, a website for free streaming of pirated films and TV shows.

After a couple of days since it was launched online last week, the website has been temporarily shut down. The MPAA had been tracing his domain registrar and hosting provider which made him switch the website to other domains. The MPAA had ordered him to shut down the website within 24 hours.

MPAA holds six Hollywood studios which owned the copyright to movies available at the film piracy site.

"Browser Popcorn has been taken down by the E.V.I.L. money-grabbing shitlords of America, The Motion Picture Association of Murica [sic]," as indicated on the website.

Kragujevic will still keep the website alive. He said he lives in a country where copyright law is nonexistent. He confirmed, "I will keep moving the website, changing domains and providers."

He could also open its source code for developers to revive it some other time.

Then again, in an email conversation, Kragujevic said he had passed it on to a 35-year-old 'close friend'. He claimed he would not be accountable 'when things become dire'.

Meanwhile, a news from The Sydney Morning Herald said Kragujevic had moved the service from browserpopcorn.gq to browserpopcorn.biz. Another comment said it is currently running on popcorntime.io.

As of this time, the Popcorn Time's blog says the website is made by a group of geeks around the world. The site is encouraging other contributions as their code is open source in git.

Kragujevic has been working out the project with other piracy-related application for years. He's been coding since he was 11. He's also involved in the app called MovBucket and currently working with its smart TV version.

Clearly, the chase is on for the film piracy site. It is rumored that the programmer transferred the domain registrar to a host in Bulgaria in which shutdown requests are often ignored.

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