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British Airways clamping down on dropped final segment of ex-EU tickets, Tier points runs to Amsterdam turnarounds for British Airlines ex-EU ticketing

Oct 12, 2015 03:18 AM EDT

British Airways was very casual about flyers dropping the final segment on an ex-EU flight, but allegedly the airlines will begin to take it harder. But making their tier point runs to Amsterdam is actually quite convenient and easy. In fact,  it's suggested as one of the great locations for new tier point runners.

British Airways are known by travelers who dropped the final legs of an ex-EU long haul flight to be very calm about it before, but the company has recently changed their policy. Before if a flyer booked a Club World ticket from Dublin to London to somewhere to London to Dublin, BA would not bother to cause you any trouble if you did not fly the final London to Dublin leg.

However, the airline company is seemingly taking this seriously. Reportedly, two sources separately revealed that British Airways will begin to take the final segment of ex EU tickets gravely. And purportedly the trigger for this change of policy was the ludicrously cheap tickets to Hong Kong, which British Airways are selling from Germany. 

These are £1,000 return in Club World. It appears that British Airways intends to continue to sell tickets at these prices to counteract heavy discounting by the Middle East carriers and Turkish. But the company seems to be in great need to make sure it protects its profits.

The two sources also claimed that if a traveler has a one-way ticket from London to Frankfurt showing in the British Airways official page for  the next year, months after you return from Hong Kong, you may want to take a day off work and make a day trip in order to get the tier points and Avios from the Club Europe.

A lot flyers  also claim that part of the delight of the mileage running is dealing with all sorts of chaos. But now, they discovered that doing tier point runs to Amsterdam is pretty fine and simple. In fact, it's recommended as one of the ideal locations for new tier point runners to get acquainted with earning tier points. 

The European blog also raised points for flyers so they could get back to London in the same plane you've used for the previous flight. And allegedly, this has always been the concern of travelers, which is to have a direct flight in the US where two flights share the same flight number.

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