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Modoll Project introduces Lindsey Wixson in its first 3D-printed supermodel doll

Sep 20, 2015 11:57 PM EDT

New York photographers, Santiago and Mauricio, collaborate with AY Collective, the Society Management and Fauxgraph 3D technology to come up with a 3D-printed doll version of the American supermodel Lindsey Wixson.

According to a blog from, photographers Santiago and Mauricio put up a project called the Project Modoll; a limited-edition dolls that replicates runway models.

Top model Lindsey Wixson's features were duplicated in 3D-printed doll. Her likeness was scanned in 3D and was printed using a resin 3D printer. They did collaborate with the Society Management, AY Collective and Fauxgraph 3D technology to make it happen. The process took one year to finish. But the wardrobe was completed in four weeks.

The doll's clothing was tailored based exactly on the Fall/Winter 2015 collection from renowned designers like Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Saint-Laurent and Prada.                                                                       

The 20-inch doll was styled and photographed based on the actual shoot. Andrew Yang from AY Collective told Mashable, "Daniel (his teammate from AY Collective) and I worked in the spirit of a true editorial shoot and sewed many of the looks directly onto Lindsey during the shoot, in between hair, makeup and posing." Yang pointed out their goal is to make the appearance recognizable.

Hair stylist Thanos Samaras assembled the wigs. While the painting and the airbrush makeup were done by artist Ralph Siciliano. He said doing the makeup is fun but at the same time, challenging. Once it is placed, you can't erase it.  

The limited edition doll combines fashion and 3D printing technology. The team selected Wixson because of her distinct features.

Wixson is a 21-year-old supermodel from Kansas. She had signed contracts with Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Chanel. She goes to Milan, London, New York and Paris for fashion shows. The supermodel's full page in W Magazine was her first major break, cited on Fashion 365.

Although she's been bullied before for her gap teeth, she is now considered as one of the biggest sensation in the modeling industry. Her noticeable look was the reason why Santiago and Mauricio picked her.

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