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A lifestyle tax for couch potato retirees? Get up and read this standing up

By Staff Writer

There are unconfirmed reports that there will be a new Bill that would create a lifestyle tax on retirees.

The Bill, which is rumoured to be out this week, is said to be supported by evidence that more and more baby boomers and seniors are putting a financial burden on society with their lifestyle. These issues are avoidable and they usually came from male retirees.

Overweight, couch potato men who are overweight are putting a strain on their health and relationships. The health care system is burdened by diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, from these neglectful male retirees.

These diseases could be avoided and controlled with proper diet and exercise. Plus, lying around on the couch all day eating junk foods is one of the main reasons for the drastic increase of divorce rates among retired baby boomers and seniors.

Good thing the said legislation is just something financial professional Robert Laura made up to warn male retirees of their unhealthy state of life. Writing for Forbes, he offered three important solutions for having a sedentary and unhealthy life.

Changes are definitely required to turn your life around and live healthier. Laura suggests that if you plan to make changes in your life and in your schedule, do it during times when your energy is at its peak.

Another tip to avoid a sedentary life is to look for something to fix. Men have an inclination to fix stuff from appliances to relationships.

There are a lot of older men who avoid going to the doctor because they fear of finding out what ailments and sickness they already have. That's the main idea. Go to the doctor, find out your state of health and figure out the right things to do to have a healthier life.

Health should be a priority for elder men to live stronger and healthier. This could improve their mood and activity level. Taxing retiree's maybe too harsh, but sometimes extreme measures can motivate people. Don't wait for a tax Bill, star the changes by yourself, from yourself.

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