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Bitten by the travel bug? There's an app for that!

By Staff Writer

For most frequent flyers, traveling by plane is more of a chore than a luxury, but it doesn't have to be wholly unpleasant. There are now apps that people can use to help make their airborne journeys just a bit more bearable and perhaps even enjoyable.

Starting off with the actual airport, it's not always easy to navigate these places, especially in a foreign city that a frequent flyer has never been to, and that is why the GateGuru app can be helpful, according to the Telegraph UK.

GateGuru allows users to locate the most important places inside an airport, such as information desks and shops, and it even keeps people up to date on the airport's gates, making sure they won't be missing out on their flight.

Of course, frequent flyers often dream of actually being able to just go through one of their trips without any delays in between, but that is not always the case.

It can become even more frustrating when passengers are left in the dark about when they might be taking off, and this is the problem that the Takeoff app aims to eliminate.

When using this app, people can know about the exact weather conditions in their area from the pilot's perspective and they'll gain a little bit of important insight into whether or not they will be taking off soon or perhaps after a while longer.

Once people are on the ground, they'll need to know how to get around, and for this, they can make use of the app known as Maplets.

Maplets provides people with miniature maps of airport terminals and even subways so that they can make their way around their new destination without getting lost.

Last up is Google Local. Once in a new city, it can be a challenge to find good places to eat or even just to spend the night in. Fortunately, Google Local provides users with brief descriptions as well as reviews of establishments that are nearby to give people an idea of whether they should try it out or not.

With these apps on hand, frequent travels will not be as much of a hassle as they used to be.

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