Son's Vision Soars As SoftBank Stock Hits Record High After Tech Slump

Son's Vision Soars As SoftBank Stock Hits Record High After Tech Slump

SoftBank Group broke its all-time record for stock price on Thursday by surprising everyone.
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SoftBank Group broke its all-time record for stock price on Thursday by surprising everyone. This sharp increase coincides with the company's digital investment arm beginning to show signs of life, and its vocal founder, Masayoshi Son, is making a comeback with a daring plan to establish SoftBank as a frontrunner in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

From Dotcom Bust to Tech Slump

The path of SoftBank has been somewhat unpredictable. The firm was founded in 1981 and at first concentrated on software distribution. They began their digital investing journey with a wise investment in Yahoo, riding the internet boom of the late 1990s. Their stock reached all-time highs in 2000 as a result of this early success. Nevertheless, SoftBank's shares collapsed in tandem with the broader market slump following the dotcom bubble implosion.

During the 2021-2022 tech sector downturn, the corporation had additional difficulties as its sizable Vision Fund suffered large losses on some of its well-known investments, such as WeWork.

Son responded by taking a more measured tack, going from "defense" to "offense" soon after the Vision Fund's historic 2023 loss. But this move wasn't about being cautious; rather, Son saw it as a calculated turn toward artificial intelligence, the technology he thinks will shape the future.

A Strategic Shift Pays Off

This strategy change is partly responsible for SoftBank's recent success. They have been aggressively investing in AI startups, placing bets on the revolutionary potential of the technology. But a big part of their recent success may be attributed to another astute decision they made in 2016 when they acquired chip designer Arm.

SoftBank's total worth has increased dramatically as a result of Arm's recent and successful IPO; on its own, the company's share in Arm exceeds SoftBank's whole market capitalization.

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Son's Vindication

Son's unrelenting faith in AI appears to be paying off despite the doubts. A change of emphasis is seen in SoftBank's recent withdrawal from Alibaba, a business they supported in 2000. Son is even more committed to artificial intelligence (AI) after his recent public statements on "artificial super intelligence" (ASI) and his goal for SoftBank as a key player in this ground-breaking technology. This newfound emphasis and the extraordinary stock performance of firms like Nvidia are driving a global wave of investor interest in AI. Because of their early investments in the AI field, analysts like Oliver Matthew of CLSA believe this might result in a lowering of SoftBank's discount valuation.

Son's audacious plan is demonstrated by SoftBank's record high. It remains to be seen if this represents the company's whole worth or if outside forces are at play. Undoubtedly, SoftBank is placing significant wagers on artificial intelligence (AI), and the company's future prosperity depends on its capacity to use this quickly advancing technology. Will this most recent chapter in SoftBank's long and illustrious history be another boom-and-bust cycle, or can Son's vision catapult them to the forefront of the AI revolution? Time will tell.

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