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Hacks to Save on Uber and Lyft

Hacks to Save on Uber and Lyft

The cost of ride-sharing may quickly go up, particularly if you require a trip during a price spike. However, there are methods to avoid having to spend top price.
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The cost of ride-sharing may quickly go up, particularly if you require a trip during a price spike. However, there are methods to avoid having to spend top price.

Here are some strategies, recommended by experts, to save costs on Uber and Lyft rides, ranging from carpooling to gift cards.

Examine Prices

Firstly, before reserving a ride-sharing service, always do your homework. Always look up the anticipated cost for both apps. You can even complete this before your scheduled trip.

You can also compare the prices of Uber and Lyft with the expense of booking a taxi or limousine by using a fare comparison website like RideGuru. It only requires accessing the website, inputting the specifics of your trip, and requesting quotations.


Next, think about dividing the price across friends or other app users.

If your city has Lyft Shared, you may save money by riding with other customers who are going in the same direction. Similarly, UberPool adds only five to ten minutes to trips and allows lone users to save up to 30% on an UberX price.

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Get Gift Cards for Lyft or Uber

Purchasing gift cards for Uber or Lyft from other websites and using them for your ride-sharing accounts is a less popular choice.

Gift cards may be purchased at a reduced price via resale websites such as Raise. Additionally, discounted Uber gift cards are offered by warehouse merchants like Sam's Club. If you want to get them for even cheaper, wait for a sale.

Examine Your Credit Card Rewards

Using credit cards to lower the net cost of ride-sharing is an additional tactic.

Getting a credit card that offers extra cash back, free transit credits, or membership fees in exchange for these transactions is a terrific way to save money on your next travels.

For instance, you can get a free monthly Uber One membership and 10% cash back on Uber Eats and trips with the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card.

Lyft provides additional benefits to certain credit card holders, including a $5 monthly credit for World and World Elite Mastercard users who utilize their cards for at least three Lyft rides per month. Similarly, Citi/AAdvantage Executive Mastercard holders can enjoy a $10 monthly credit when they pay for a minimum of three Lyft rides with their cards.

Utilize Coupon Websites

Another way to save money is to use coupon websites and apps. Look for discounts and cash-back deals on coupon websites. For instance, using CouponCabin's cash-back offer for Uber, you may get up to $2.50 back on every ride.

Using the free Fetch rewards app, you can get points by taking images of your everyday receipts for petrol, food, clothes, and other purchases.

Redeeming 29,000 and 27,500 points, respectively, can obtain a $25 Lyft gift card and a $25 Uber gift card.

Check out the special offers area of each brand or store to find out which can earn you more points and help you acquire your free gift cards faster.

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