Free Crypto Riches: How to Profit from Airdrops 2024

Gone are the days when trading was seen as the only path to making a fortune in the crypto sphere. Roll up, roll up, because we're here to tell you about the gold rush of the digital age - Airdrops 2024. Yes, you heard it right.

With the colossal tidal wave of cash that hit the market during the early 2021 bull run, crypto projects have been showering their communities with tokens and even cold hard USD rewards through airdrops all the way up to today. Now, with trends like play-to-earn setting the stage, the frequency of these digital rainchecks has skyrocketed.

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What's the Deal with Airdrops?

Think of airdrops as the crypto world's way of saying "thank you for your support" or a tactic to drum up buzz.

Projects distribute free tokens directly to your digital wallet, often as a reward for holding a certain token, participating in a community, or simply signing up. But it's not just about the freebies; it's a strategic move to bolster both project visibility and token value.

Catching the Airdrops 2024 Wave

To ride the airdrop wave in 2024 to its fullest, here are some pro tips on how to ensure you're well-positioned:

  • Stay Informed: Follow crypto news platforms and join relevant Telegram or Discord groups. Being in the loop means you're always ready when an airdrop announcement hits.

  • Engage with Communities: Many airdrops target active community members. Engaging with projects on social media or forums can place you in the ideal spot to catch these opportunities.

  • Hold and Diversify: Some airdrops require you to hold a specific token. Diversifying your portfolio can maximize your chances of qualifying for various drops.

Remember, not all that glitters is gold. Performing due diligence on any project offering an airdrop is crucial to avoid falling prey to scams.

The Best 2024 Airdrops Right Now

We're calling this month Airdrop April; are you okay with that? You better.

There are so many airdrops happening right now it's maddening. One of the best airdrops to check is 99Bitcoin's presale for its learn2earn token. 

Here are some of the other best airdrops via CrypotMesh and 99Bitcoins:

ImageOrganizerReward Per ParticipantTotal Reward PoolBlockchainStarting DateEnding DateStatusURL
Manta Network


30.000.000 MANTA

- January 5, 2024 July 17, 2024




50.000.000 PRE

Ethereum January 5, 2024 June 28, 2024


SubQuery Network


50.000.000 SQT

- January 9, 2024 April 10, 2024


Pyth Network


600.000.000 PYTH

Solana November 1, 2023 February 18, 2024




$3.000 worth of DAI & WALLET

  January 26, 2024 February 18, 2024



The Bottom Line

Airdrops 2024 offers an enticing prospect for anyone looking to augment their earnings in the crypto space without the whirlwind of trading. By staying informed, engaging with communities, and holding a diversified token portfolio, you can position yourself at the forefront of this lucrative opportunity. Remember, the crypto market is as dynamic as it gets, and today's proactive steps can lead to tomorrow's rewards. Keep your eyes peeled, your wallets ready, and who knows? The next big airdrop might just land in your lap.

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