Macro Summer 2024 is Here For Crypto - Here's Everything You Need to Know

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Crypto Macro Summer is here and it means we're in a season where we'll see a record all-time highs for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins.

And spoilers: It's about to happen very soon.

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If you're asking, will Bitcoin Go Up After Halving? Here's what legendary crypto guru Raoul Pal told his followers this on X:

"Bitcoin LOVES macro summer and fall even more. Crypto summer has started and fully develops's all the same Everything Code cycle..."


If Macro Summer is 2024 and 2025, they will be prime years to build wealth for yourself and your family.

This article'll discuss how to prepare for Macro Summer, which altcoins will perform best, and whether Bitcoin will go up after Halving.

These Cryptos Perform Best in Macro Summer (Will Bitcoin Go Up After Halving?)

Macro Summer is part and parcel of Raoul's "Everything Code" theory. Listen up, this will change how you invest.

The "Everything Code" is his blueprint for understanding how major economic cycles work. By analyzing patterns from past crises-like 2008, the big one-we can see how low interest rates post-crisis lead to cheap money. This cheap money doesn't sit around; it gets poured into assets, pumping up their prices and setting the stage for the next cycle of boom and bust.

Which assets perform best? Most do well, look at gold, but crypto outperforms every other asset by far.

  • Bitcoin surged up to 146 times in past Macro Summers
  • Ethereum up to 1,770 times in respective cycles
  • Even altcoins (excluding ETH) saw their market cap balloon by 24 times

One more chart before we get into Ethereum's price prediction for 2024.

Raoul says Macro Summer trails the Financial Conditions Index by about ten months, coinciding with the ISM manufacturing index (an indicator of US economic activity), signifying GDP growth. "And that is driven by liquidity, which bottomed at the end of 2022... macro summer and fall are all about liquidity rising and is a core part of The Everything Code thesis," he says.

Macro crypto summer

Arthur Hayes Weights In

Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX and the youngest Black billionaire, is betting big on Ethereum. Hayes figures if Bitcoin ETFs are doing so well, Ethereum ETFs could be next in line for SEC approval.

Bitcoin ETFs are smashing records left and right, even outshining the big dogs like SPY and QQQ ETFs. And some don't even charge fees. That's music to Ethereum's ears.

But here's the kicker: banks could hold the key to ETF approval beyond Bitcoin.

Hayes reckons their hunger for fees practically guarantees approval across the board.

Bottom Line - Will Bitcoin Go Up After Halving?

Here's a dirty secret: Your 401(k) or VOO/VTI fund will not outpace inflation.

These were once-great tools for Boomers who won the game by having a career that lasted 20 years and then retiring off those sweet, now worthless, pensions.

So, how do you win the game? Bitcoin, crypto, or tech stocks. As money is further debased and we digitize more, hard tech assets backed by code will be the best-performing money makers of the decade. Don't miss your chance-and Happy Bitcoin Halving!

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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