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Retailers with Flexible Policies Gain Customer Loyalty

By April Fowell

Stores that provide generous return policies can win over loyal customers and allay Christmas buyers' fears about squandering money on unneeded items.

Retailers might attempt to capitalize on Americans' purchasing by offering long return periods that go into the new year, especially during this Christmas season when many customers purchase gifts early.

Retailers with Flexible Policies Gain Customer Loyalty
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Stores that provide generous return policies can win over loyal customers and allay Christmas buyers' fears about squandering money on unneeded items.

Conversely, a stringent return policy may turn off customers and discourage them from doing business with a certain company.

Given the shipping and restocking expenses they bear on returned products, returns can be expensive for merchants.

This year, 42 percent of businesses polled by goTRG had shortened their return window. According to the firm, one in three merchants charge more for bulky items or allow customers only seven days to return items, discouraging customers from making returns.

Conversely, these ten merchants continue to have some of the most lenient return policies in the industry. Long return terms, free delivery, and omnichannel return alternatives are characteristics of excellent return policies. If you or the person receiving the present have a good chance of needing a refund or an exchange, here's where to purchase without worry.

American Eagle

The corporation that owns a men's and women's apparel store accepts returns of brand-new, unused merchandise at any point after purchase. According to the company's website, consumers who save their receipts are eligible for a complete refund at any time. Consumers can swap their items or receive shop credit at any time without a proof of purchase. Both online and in-store returns are accepted.


Customers may wear and sweat in the women's athletic wear brand owned by Gap under their "Give-It-A-Workout Guarantee," and if the item still doesn't satisfy their requirements, they can return it.

Eddie Bauer

For optimal customer satisfaction, the outdoor apparel and sportswear firm allows consumers to return unworn and unused items for a full year. If you return any item within 365 days, you'll get a full refund or replacement-just be sure to save your proof of purchase.


The Swedish retailer of reasonably priced DIY furniture offers consumers a full year to return new, unopened items together with evidence of purchase.

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Most items may be returned to the department store, which offers toys, clothes, and household products, up to 180 days following the date of purchase. Interestingly, a receipt is not needed.

LL Bean

Customers who have evidence of purchase can return items to the family-run apparel company for a refund within a year. It had previously offered a lifetime warranty on its items, but in 2018 it abandoned that offer due to a tiny number of clients abusing it.

In the realm of retail, the impact of return policies on customer satisfaction and loyalty cannot be overstated. As the holiday season approaches, stores with lenient return policies stand to win over discerning customers, alleviating concerns about potential financial losses on unwanted purchases. The flexibility of return windows, especially those extending into the new year, becomes a crucial factor influencing consumer choices during the Christmas shopping rush.

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