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Seeking to Conquer the Stigma: How Ryan Early is Promoting the Agricultural and Mental Benefits of Hemp and Cannabis

By David Thompson

Ryan Early
Ryan Early (Ryan Early)

Ryan Early, hailed as 'Farmer Ryan' among sustainable agriculture experts, is a busy man. He has a laundry list of companies to his name, including Blue-Green Ventures, the company behind the revolutionary product, Blue MagicTM, a non-toxic and eco-sustainable pest preventative product using his patented BiomeMax TM Pheromonal Replication Technology. Click here for more info: 

Leading the charge and paving the way for the hemp and cannabis industries in Oklahoma from 2015, Early was also the General Contractor for the Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU) Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, 'Project Hemp for Victory', in which he played a significant role in developing the language for the state program and has consistently sought out for consultation among government leaders and agencies. 

His efforts in helping the farming industry take the next step in its evolution, including guiding his companies to develop the BiomeMaxTM Technology, which will help meet the needs of an estimated 10 billion worldwide population by 2030. As a Pioneer of Oklahoma's industrial hemp industry, his efforts in research and development in biotechnology for hemp/cannabis and all their associated products have been instrumental. In fact, his team has collected over 100 landrace and Feral varietals from all over the State to help scientists with data collection and categorization into three spaces: Fiber & Textiles, Food & Medicine, and Ecological Impacts. 

"I grew up on a small farm just east of Oklahoma City. I live and breathe farming and agriculture and was interested in this industry from an early age, and I love continuing my passion on a larger scale. But, more than that, BiomeMaxTM Technology is the most pivotal point in human agricultural practices over the past century," said Early. "This tech will completely change the farming game for more than just cannabis, making it sustainable and reducing cost for everyone. I am excited to be at the forefront of this fundamental shift." 

With a newly-opened, cutting-edge genetics bank, Midwest Microbiome Genomics RepositoryTM, Early has set his sights on motivating the legislation to legalize the research and development of psilocybin for both mental health issues and people living with PTSD. Although his bill was not passed, he has plans to re-run it next session with a lot more education amongst lawmakers. 

The Case for Legalized Cannabis 

Early was recently invited to lend his voice as a marquee keynote speaker at the inaugural Santa Ana Cannabis Summit in Santa Ana, Calif., on July 28, 2022.

The 2022 Santa Ana Cannabis Summit was meant to gather industry experts, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to network, learn and grow while also helping conquer the stigma surrounding the marijuana, CBD and hemp industries. The mission for all involved will be to put into perspective how the cannabis industry is positively impacting the local and national economies, creating jobs and business opportunities and improving health ailments. 

Taking place in Orange County, the sales of recreational cannabis among adults has been occurring since 2017. In fact, the city of Santa Ana has served as an industry leader in the OC. The local communities have benefited from 30 dispensaries as they have created jobs and helped drive revenue for the city as well. 

"I am honored to be invited to speak at the upcoming Santa Ana Cannabis Summit," said Early. "There are so many benefits to medicinal cannabis and all products derived from this wonderful plant." 

Early was joined on stage by prominent speakers, influencers and former professional athletes, including the event moderator, David Elliott, the President and CEO of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, Wendy Haase, President of Visit Santa Ana, Kristine Ridge (CEO of the City of Santa Ana), California attorney Richard Rydstrom, Esq., former NFL player Marvin Smith and 'Mama' Sue Taylor. 

The 2022 Santa Ana Cannabis Summit took place at the Santa Ana Elks Lodge, located at 1751 South Lyon Street, Santa Ana, CA. 92705, on Thursday, July 28, 2022, from 3-6 pm (PT). 

About Ryan Early 

Ryan Early is the controlling owner of Blue-Green Ventures, Can-Tek LabsTM, and the General Contractor for the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. He is also the owner of the Midwest Microbiome RepositoryTM, in charge of gathering and testing various plants. After testing hundreds of specimens, Ryan discovered the secret complex that will power the future of natural farming. Blue-Green Ventures is the manufacturer of Blue MagicTM. For more information, please visit and FarmerRyan

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