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Valentine's 2021: Is it OK to give Cash as Gift?

By Erika Dickinson

Should you give cash to your boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine's Day? While no one would say they do not like free money, receiving cash from your partner in the day supposedly celebrating your love or your relationship is not exactly that usual - or acceptable.

It's downright tacky and for some, downright insulting. Want to know why? Read on and find out the two other more no-no gifts you should give on Valentine's Day. 

Cash on Valentine's Day? 

Valentine's Day
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There are several reasons why cash is a big no-no gift on Valentine's Day. While cash during birthdays is completely welcome (again, only if not from a romantic partner), cash during heart's day should be avoided. First, it's a sign that you are too lazy for a lot of things. Too lazy to find out what your partner wants, too lazy to go out or go online to buy something, and too lazy to even wrap up something nice and meaningful. Cash is meaningful alright, but the only meaning your partner can derive from the act of getting cash as a Valentine's Day gift is that you think she is not worth exerting effort for and she can be bought. 

Of course, if your partner explicity says she'd rather receive the cash, then you can probably consider it. But even at that point, you can just ask her what she plans to use the money for and buy it for her instead!

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Recycled Gifts

Nobody wanted to be gifted something someone gifted you. You can give this recycled item any other day to your partner but not on a special day like Valentine's. It is of course practical and wise to just give to others what you do not use (it's economical and sustainable!) but not when you are planning to show your partner how important he or she is to you! If you can do that, instead of buying a gift entirely for her or him only, then it might even be time to question just how much you value this person. 

Again, gift is not everything. You can give her or him something cheap if this is more practical. But to recycle gifts connotes a different thing altogether. Why not just give the thing you do not want to her or him if they truly will use it, but not as a present during a special day?

Fake Flowers

Give her some fresh blooms or do not give her any flowers anymore. Flowers are no longer the perfect gift, mind you, because it is quite impractical. The pandemic calls for some form of practicality and hundred dollars-worth flowers scream impractical. But if skip the flowers if you plan to give fake ones. Again, it sends out the wrong message. No matter how wise and understanding your partner is, receiving fake flowers from someone you think loves you can be a slighlty off-putting. 

Anything Sexual and Seductive

Chances are, the Valentine's Day would lead to some intimate action. But nothing could be more annoying than receiving something that screams sex. This sends out the message that it is the only thing that matters to you on this special day and no partner would be okay with that. Even the most openly sexual people love romance and sweetness, not just sex. 

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