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Fraud Victim Gets Refund After Chasing Both Microsoft and Tesco

By Erika Dickinson

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A mom refuses to let a fraud drag her down financially. 

As most scams go where most victims just cry and do nothing to fight back, it is apparent that Lesley Urwin is no ordinary mom. She did not let a scam go and in the end won a refund. 

She is now telling her story so that other moms can be aware and do the same if something similar happens to them, as reported by Daily Mail UK

Credit Card Fraud Targets Mom of Three

Mom of three, Lesley Urwin got the shock of her life when her sons' Xbox account was hacked by a fraudster who lives 400 miles away.

The fraudster has gotten hold of her credit card details and used her credit to purchase 36,000 Fifa gaming points.

The mom only found out about the transaction when Microsoft emailed her to confirm the purchase she did not make on March 22..

The mum to two teenagers,  Nathan, 17, Liam, 14, and one more boy, Scott, 9, said: "I received an email which said I had purchased three lots of 12000 points, each costing £79.99. I couldn't believe it." She confirmed that none of the boys knew about the purchase or made them themselves, so she called Microsoft up.

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Microsoft eventually told her to check the devices linked to the account.

The boys knew nothing about it so she called Microsoft and it told her to check the devices linked to the account.

"I found two which did not match our Xbox One S. We only own one Xbox. The boys share it. So I deleted the rogue devices and removed my card details," she explained. 

Mom of Three Persists for  £79.99 Refund

She felt relieved when Microsoft said they'd issued a refund. After reporting the issue 11 months ago, no refunds happened, which made her even more frustraed with the company. 

"I've lost count of the times I've phoned and emailed Microsoft," she explained.  "The boys have had no Xbox Live for nearly a year as a result because I won't let them log in," she added. 

"I am fed up fighting and I want to warn others. None of this is our fault," she added.

But she has finally won now. After receiving several promises of cheques and going back and forth Tesco and Microsoft, which at point enraged her further by telling her the company can no longer see the rogue charges, she has finally gotten back her money out of sheer tenacy and persistence. 

After the refund was made, a representative from Tesco said the company is happy everything is okay now.

 "We have robust controls and processes in place to protect our customers from fraud and are very pleased to hear that the matter has now been resolved," the representative said. 

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