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[REPORT] Mike Pence 'Cheap' Restaurant Tip: How Much Should You Give Waiters?

By Jamie P.

US Vice President Mike Pence went trending on Dec. 30, over an alleged copy of a restaurant receipt wherein he dined in. The controversy behind the picture is that Pence reportedly given only $5 waiter tip to a $45 bill.

Mike Pence as 'worst' tipper?

[REPORT] Mike Pence 'Cheap' Restaurant Tip: How Much Should You Give Waiters?
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U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announces the Trump Administration's plan to create the U.S. Space Force by 2020 during a speech at the Pentagon August 9, 2018 in Arlington, Virginia. Describing space as adversarial and crowded and citing threats from China and Russia, Pence said the new Space Force would be a separate, sixth branch of the military.

In times of pandemic, the name of VP Mike Pence went viral before the year ends. A Twitter account named Sachin Chheda @skccheda posted an image of what appears to be a restaurant receipt from a local food store called Coyote Cafe.

The vice president dined in few specials from the restaurant such as two chipotle chicken sandwich with ginger ale and hot chocolate.

Nothing special, it seemed. Unfortunately, the people online saw a particular problem on this receipt.

The total cost of the food was $45. Pence only charged $5 waiter tip from his account. This what stirred the crowd from accusing the vice president as 'cheapskate' amid the pandemic.

What people say

A lot of people have already commented and reacted on the photo. The post now has over 37,000 likes, more than 12,000 retweets, and at least 5,000 comments.

Interestingly, a lot of the comments said that Pence was insensitive in this manner, by showing off what appears to be a wrong tipping system. According to most, it is also not right for the vice president to tip 'so little' since millions of Americans are suffering financially amid pandemic.

On the other hand, some people think that it was not right for the person to post Pence's personal receipt in a restaurant. Especially, since he is still the vice president of America.


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How much should you give? 

As a diner, how much tip should you give out in America? 

According to USA Today, the basic American tipping is 15-20 percent of the pre-tax bill. To be exact, tipping in America should be 15% to 20% for sit-down restaurant service, 10% for servers at buffets (for help with drink orders and plate removal) and $1 to $2 per drink for bartenders, or 15% to 20% of the bar tab. 

However, in most countries like Australia, 10% is enough since their minimum wage is higher than in the US. 

What do you think about this one? 

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