Second Stimulus Checks: These People Might Get More Money Than You!

The second stimulus payment might come with different rules. If it does, you could receive more money than the first stimulus check you get.

Second Stimulus Checks: Are You One of Those People Who Might Get More Money?
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Second Stimulus Checks: Are You One of Those People Who Might Get More Money?

According to CNET, several lawmakers on the Democratic and Republican parties call for Washington to send another round of $1,200 stimulus checks this year.

On December 10, Senator Bernie Sanders said in a statement that Congress could not go on recess without giving $1,2000 emergency assistance to the Americans in their time of need.

However, with less than three weeks left, the House of Representatives Senate talks on which urgent relief aid can cut another relief package and which needs to wait until next year.

Meanwhile, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said on CNN Inside Politics, "We need to get the essential done and we'll have time to get stuff done that we didn't include because we couldn't get political agreement."

The second round of stimulus checks may be one of the things that will be pushed to the Biden administration despite the popular direct payments' support. The $908 billion bipartisan relief package is the current front-runner for the proposals. But it leaves out the $1,200 stimulus checks to cut the costs and attract broader support. However, two counter proposals would add stimulus checks back in.

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The first round of your stimulus money would likely be sent in waves of different payment groups. Now, if there will be another round of stimulus checks, here are how much you could get in certain situations, significantly if a future bill changes one to two rules:

How much larger could your second payment be?

Even if the rules are not yet clear until a bill is signed, the possibilities pre-existed based on the previous proposals and the most recent Republican offers. The majority of Americans would likely receive based on their adjusted gross income or AGI as well as other eligibility requirements. You would receive these amount if: 

  1. You have more dependents- the Democratic proposal for the next stimulus bill expands the definition of "dependent," including anyone you can claim on your tax returns. Today's sum is $500 more per dependent with potentially no cap. Your family could get $1,000 more if you had no other changes and had one dependent who qualifies in the first round and three that are eligible in the second.
  2. Child dependents receive more money- the same age restriction for children is kept in the most recent White House relief proposal. However, it doubled the=e payout to $1,000. If you have one dependent, your second check might be more than $500.
  3. You had added dependents- you may see $500 up to $1,000 depending on the final bill if you had added or adopted a child.
  4. Change in the employment status- if you are now unemployed or your salary dropped, your situation would lower your AGI, which is used to determine the stimulus payment you will receive. For instance, you got a partial payment with the first check, you may receive full payment or are no longer employed.
  5. You got married- a change in your marital status could lead to a more extensive stimulus check, depending on different factors that include your spouse's filing status and any added dependents. For example, you are single and filing along; you received $1,2000. Then, you got married. You could be eligible for $2,000 maximum, based on the IRS formula used to identify the amount you could receive.

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