Be Ready! These 6 Trends Will Drive Every Business in 2021

With all the bad things that happened this year, many are waiting to bid goodbye to 2020, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic that impacted various aspects of our lives. However, businesses need to adjust to ensure their survival and change the flow by 2021.

Pandemic effects

Be Ready! These 6 Trends Will Drive Every Business in 2021
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Be Ready! These 6 Trends Will Drive Every Business in 2021

According to Connecteam, paying attention to the latest business trends will put you ahead of the competition as well as with other businesses in the United States. Knowing what's latest in the industry will make it easier for you to grow your company sales, operate more effectively, and offer better customer service.

Here are six trends that will drive every business in 2021, as per Forbes:

Work from Home

Companies needed to adapt operations to remote workforce as soon as employees were trapped with the lockdown orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most businesses are rethinking their entire business model as distance and lessons learned from the initial experiment. According to Forbes, some companies had an increase in productivity when the workforce, when remotely. But working from home is not an ideal setup for others. 

The primary difference in 2021 will be that businesses know how to manage teams and look after staff remotely, as per Piedmont Avenue. Besides, companies have the tools and systems in place to resolve common problems. Businesses may also offer flexibility when it is safe to come into the office if they want to.

Business Model Innovation

Every business leader needs to reflect on their offering to their customers and how they operate a business. Lots of industries were transformed in 2020, including events and the hospitality industry. 

Those that reacted quickly to the changes are the businesses that are currently thriving amid the pandemic1. Even if companies have had to think about how the market shifts and their business needs transform, it is more important to innovate your business model in 2021. 

E-commerce dominates

Global e-commerce will grow to approximately $5 trillion within the next four years, Statista reported. Tons of retailers move investments from brick-and-mortar storefronts to online stores with these numbers. It is crucial to upgrade social media marketing to gain more sales or use a cutting edge warehouse to ship orders faster. 

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Social Engagement

Brands relied on their customers and potential customers across social media during the pandemic. In 2021, Forbes says, a big push toward authentic presence on social media and less curated by social media experts. Along with social engagement, collaboration with influencers and micro-influencers in the industry, key people in driving conversations and engaging with your customers, will be helpful. 

From Global to Local

The year 2020 has given lots of reasons to start thinking about going locally than pursuing globally. One of the main reasons is that the COVID-19 disrupted international supply chains.

Companies began thinking about where they would source and sell their goods as global turmoil could disrupt their business. Manufacturing and selling locally are also appealing for environmental awareness, as per Forbes.


For some time, sustainability has been a concern. However, during the pandemic, things shifted in emphasis. Companies are recognizing the environmental crisis as disruptive as the COVID-19 to businesses. The environmental problem could be more severe to the world than the pandemic.

Therefore, companies need to rethink environmental impact, operations, products, and its use. Sustainability is a trend that links closely to other trends of a meaningful purpose as companies reduce their carbon and water footprint.

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