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ADP Partners with ZipRecruiter to Help Businesses Improve Recruiting Efficiency

By Madz D.

ADP partners with ZipRecruiter in helping businesses improve recruitment efficiency. 

ZipRecruiter is now available in the ADP Workforce to make it easier and faster than ever for businesses to reach more than 30 million job seekers across the United States. 

ADP Partners with ZipRecruiter to Help Businesses Improve Recruiting Efficiency
(Photo : ADP Workforce Now)
ADP partners with ZipRecruiter in helping businesses improve recruitment efficiency.

Businesses need to source the right talent with limited resources, more than ever, so they can recover, adapt, and grow.

That's why ADP, the leading global provider of human capital management solutions, is deepening its marketplace and no.1 rate job search application. 

ADP is the first HCM provider to partner with ZipRecruiter. They are making it available directly to clients through its online platform. Within ADP Workforce Now Recruitment, ZipRecruiter is now seamlessly embedded.

The partnership gives recruiters access to more qualified candidates and intelligent tools that identify the best candidates for their roles. 

Laura Brown, president, primary account services and ADP Canada, said, "ADP is proud to deepen our relationship with ZipRecruiter. Over the past few years, we have helped tens of thousands of our shared customers find and hire the right candidates quickly."

She added that to provide a strong return on investment for clients, ADP needs further integration. Besides, it would continue lifting ADP above competitors through unmatched intelligent technology and data. 

Meanwhile, Ian Siegel, Co-Founder & CEO at ZipRecruiter, said that Ziprecruiter is excited to give a robust, streamlined, and reliable solution for ADP's clients especially challenging time in the economy.

Siegel explained that ZipRecruiter's tools are efficient, flexible, and comfortable and free up time so businesses can focus on adapting to the changing needs of business and innovating to achieve their goals. The integration of several key features, such as:

Tools to help businesses find quality candidates quickly:

  • Businesses can use ZipRecruiter's sponsored job posts to receive more applicants up to ten times than average organic job posts typically do. Four in five employers who post on ZipRecruiter receive quality candidates on the first day.
  • ZipRecruiter industry-leading and smart-matching technology identifies qualified candidates actively and invites them to apply. 
  • Businesses could distribute their jobs across more than a hundred job sites and reach over 30 million applicants a month through web and mobile. 

Seamless integration with ADP Workforce Now:

  • Employers will view and receive applications from candidates in real-time through the ADP Workforce Now Recruitment module, implementation time, eliminating complicated workflows, and budget management. 
  • A one-click apply ensures that companies will not miss out on the top talent due to lengthy applications. Candidates can apply to jobs with ZipApply with just one click. 

Ease and flexibility: 

  • Job vacancies are flexible. They allow employers to quickly exchange a new job into a job slot or pause a search and later activate it.
  • Employers will be able to purchase additional sponsored job slots via ADP Workforce Now Recruitment Module in 2021 to support more jobs. 
  • Employers who urge to boost job visibility can purchase Traffic Boost within the Recruitment Module to drive added applications in 2021. 

New embedded recruitment abilities powered by ADP DataCloud complemented the integration. ADP DataCloud is an award-winning people analytics and benchmarking platform that gives clients an in-depth workforce and business insights to allow HR with critical decisions.

The embedded intelligence capabilities were made to help reduce consumed time in filling and increasing offer conversion rates. 

ZipRecruiter's one-click Zipapply and smart matching technology are currently available through ADP Workforce Now v24. If you want to learn more regarding the full benefits that ADP and ZipRecruitercould offer, please visit this link.

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