Tech analyst notes key factors that could prevent Apple from becoming worth $1 trillion

The Cupertino-based company Apple's value is skyrocketing at the moment. With a valuation worth about three-quarters of a trillion dollars, the company is the best performer among tech companies. But a tech analyst notes three key factors that could prevent Apple from becoming worth $1 trillion.

Reports show that Apple is currently worth $750 billion. It has a market cap of $160 billion higher than the second most valuable company in the US that is Google parent Alphabet, which is worth $590 billion. The performance of Apple is due to the anticipation the company is bringing to its next mobile phone that is the iPhone 8 and because it is celebrating its tenth anniversary. 

Rumors report that the iPhone 8 will carry a  no home button, wireless charging, more virtual reality capabilities, a curvier screen similar to Samsung's Edge phones and that the handset could have a facial recognition scanning ability. People are as nearly as excited with the company of how the new iPhone 8 will look but even that has given a lot of pressure for Apple. For the past years, it has done efforts to diversify its revenue but Apple still relies on the iPhone, which represents 70 percent of its sales.

Apple has released new iPads on Tuesday and plans on reiterating the Apple Watch or its line of Mac computers but analysts say that won't help add to its revenue. The tech giant has also unveiled a new special edition of Red iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus on Tuesday. This is in collaboration with RED, a charitable organization that raises money and awareness for the fight against HIV/AIDS.

For now, analysts are not that extremely excited with Apple's prospects because it still needs to climb another 33 percent to get at the top. Its stock would be about $190.  But it seems like tax reforms from Trump might be helping Apple in the long run.  This is ironic due to how many tech companies have rallied against Trump for his immigration ban.

One analyst, however, notes three key factors that could prevent Apple from hitting $1 trillion. First, is that Apple is not seeing the drastic increase in shipments. Second, Apple may not be able to invade the Chinese and Indian markets, the largest in the world, due to the proliferation of low-cost phones. Lastly, Apple still has very strong competitors such as Alphabet's Google, with the Android OS dominating in the industry.

On the positive note, Apple is currently worth as much as 13 companies in the S&P 500. That is actually higher compared to iconic US companies such as Walmart, P&G, Visa, Disney and Coca-Cola. 

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