News Feb 22, 2017 11:16 AM EST

Experts Explain Why Major Retailers Are Dropping The Trump Brand

By April Kirstin

Big companies like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Kmart are pulling back products that carry the Trump brand name in an announcement released last week.

Several retail experts have delivered their analysis as to the reason for the companies' withdrawal from Trump-related brands, whether it is purely business or politics.

Last week, companies such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus stopped selling Ivanka Trump's brand name in its line of clothing, shoes and jewelry to boycott the Trump brand. Kmart also canceled online sales from the Trump Home collection, as per the Washington Post. Although the companies did not share its sales figures, the move driven by consumer feedback and how well the products sell.

Retail experts believed the companies' decisions were motivated by business factors. An analyst cited Ivanka Trump's move to step away from the companies as proof that the brand is not going strong. "If the Ivanka Trump brand were going to be the next Ralph Lauren or Tory Burch, do you think Ivanka might've figured out a way to keep her finger in the pot, stay part of it?" he said.

While another analyst noted companies like Nordstrom make decisions based on sales results and consumer feedback. "When a customer votes with their dollar, you recognize that it's your job to offer newness and novelty to inspire them to buy," he said in a statement released in CNN Money. He adds that although there are several Trump supporters who shop at these companies and if sales are down then it means they're not buying the product.

Nordstrom said earlier this month that sales of Ivanka's brand have steadily declined that led the company to pull out as it was not anymore, a good business sense to continue. Notably, the difference in the demographics between Ivanka and Donald Trump brands, with the former targeting millennials, may make it prone to political currents. Ivanka's sales climbed late 2015 just months after Donald Trump announced he will run for president. 

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