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AMD To Deliver High Performance Computing and Graphics Products in 2017

By Cresswell McCoy

AMD's progress in its Annual revenue has increased 7 percent and their fourth quarter revenue grew 15 percent every year. The company has strategically achieved its objectives in 2016, in terms of revenue growth and share in key markets.

AMD's Fourth Quarter results reported a decrease in its loss as the present operating loss is only $3 million, a year ago the operating loss was $49 million and $293 million in the previous quarter. The improvement was due to IP monetization and higher revenue.

According to AMD, their net loss has been dropped to $51 million compared to a net loss of $102 million a year ago and net loss of $406 million in the previous quarter. The cash and cash equivalents were $1.26 billion at the year end, which is up from &785 million at the end of the previous year.

There will be new details on its upcoming CPU and GPU architectures, the CEO and President Dr. Lisa Su, stated that as they enter 2017 the company is all set and well positioned to deliver their strongest set of high performance computing and graphics products in more than a decade.

Focusing on AMD's highlights for 2016 it has delivered new designs on the architecture, performance of Zen based processors and market plans. They also introduced preliminary details of its fourth coming Vega GPU, these GPU products that are based on the Vega architecture is expected to be out in the second quarter of 2017.

With the current outlook for Q1 2017, the revenue is expected to decrease 11 percent sequentially. The mid-point of guidance would result in Q1 2017 revenue increasing around 18 percent year over year. However, the actual results could differ based on other factors depending on the market conditions and output. Their outlook statements are based on current expectations, which could possible vary in time.  

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