Donald Trump Promises to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerussalem

US News Update 2016The Trump's administration officials have a big priority to move United States Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, to Jerusalem. The UN and its nation's embassies don't recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, said Kellyanne Conway, Senior aide.

Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, It might spark of the diplomatic conflicts, as It would appear that there's a country trying to take some advantages of the ongoing dispute over Palestine as the city's rightfully owner.

However, Trump has planned to move the US Embassy to Israel, It's a big priority of president-elect, Donald Trump. He explained this issue during his presidential campaign and I've heard him telling this for several times privately, said Ms. Conway told Hugh Hewitt, the host of conservative radio.

It's about our great friends in the Middle East, Israel, and many American-Jewish expressing their preference for, she added.

It's a great move on he's planning and quite easy to do on how Trump talked about this case in the sound bites and debates.

Surely, if Trump wouldn't be the first incoming president of US to make some promises during the campaign.

Both of president George W Bush and Bill Clinton had campaigned to moving US Embassy to Jerusalem. But, they didn't do what they declared and to seem they reached a conclusion of the Palestine and Israel disputes.

Congress has approved the Embassy Act of Jerusalem declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 1995 and  required US Embassy moving to Israel by 1999. But each of US President afraid of the sparking conflicts in the region, since Bill's passage signed the waivers.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, sounded his support for the president-elect in a 60-minutes interview and said that Trump has a good outlook of the incoming administration.

I know Trump well. He has a clear plan to support Israel. It looks what he's planned. He has no problem with Jewish states, He's very welcome. I want to meet Trump and to lobby the reversing deal of Iran Nuclear opposed, said Netanyahu.

But Trump called it as a stupid deal and disgrace. Gen. James Mattis, his pick as the Defense Secretary, would have warned him against the undoing deal.

The Prime Minister of Israel stated that He didn't have any personal problem with President Obama, And I even more against the deal of Iran Nuclear.

I'd think if we should build a personal chemistry, right ? and If the Iran nuclear deal endangers the Israel existence, Of course, I would stand up, as I did

Thank you for the Israel new shipment of F-35 stealth fighters, said Netanyahu to Secretary of Defense and President Obama on Monday.

He warned all enemies of the country after receiving the fleet. I want to make this clear for all enemies who attack us will get attacked and if they want to destroy us, an existential threat would be coming to them. It's very important for a future of this country".

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