Can Donald Trump & his anti-Obamacare team find a better alternative?

Donald Trump has always been critical of President Barack Obama's Obamacare and now that he has been voted as the president-elect, there is little doubt that the former will do whatever he can to negate Obama's healthcare legacy.

The fact that Trump has been filling up his Cabinet with people who have opposed Obamacare over the years proves it. From incoming labor secretary Andrew Pudzer to administrator nominee of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt to incoming attorney general Jeff Sessions to several others, the resistance to the departing president's healthcare program has seen many supporters.

Since the jurisdiction over the Affordable Care Act is with the Department of Health and Human Services and it is likely to be led by Rep. Tom Price - a physician himself and a harsh critic of Obamacare - one can well expect a fast reversal of trends once the new administration takes over next month. Rep. Price has already proposed an alternative to Obamacare though according to some, there is not enough 'care' in his alternative.

Besides backing Price, Trump's team has given other hints about a possible repeal of Obamacare as well. For example, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence said on Fox News last month that the new administration will look to annul Obamacare as its first step. Another "subtle sign" of Trump's team going after the healthcare law is its decision to bring in David Higbee, an antitrust lawyer, said CNBC's senior columnist Jake Novak.

According to Novak, it is still not time to say whether Price and Higbee have teamed up to work on the healthcare part but he emphasized on the fact that if Trump and his team have to come up with a plan to repeal Obamacare, the stress has to be on the cost factor for that is what the people/voters are most concerned about at the end of the day.

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