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Donald Trump, the next US president, mocks US intelligence

By Staff Reporter

Donald Trump has made fun of the allegation that the Russian government helped him win the presidential election. He mocked it in one of his posts on social media.

Trump said in one of the tweets that the conspiracy theory would have given a different meaning if Hillary Clinton won the election. He asked his followers to imagine what would have happened if the Trump team tried playing the "Russia/CIA card" after losing the election.

The president-elect also wondered why such allegations were not made public before the election results came in. Donald Trump said there was no clear evidence that Russia tried rigging the US presidential election.

The firebrand GOP leader compared the recent CIA assessment with the 2002 research that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. The former Iraqi president was eventually executed, but no WMD was found in Iraq.

According to the US intelligence, its Russian counterpart managed to hack the Republican National Committee data. However, it decided to leak only the documents related to the Democrats. On the other hand, the committee does not accept that its database was compromised.

According to the New York Times, US official gave broad evidence that the Russian administration did favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

John Bolton earlier said the allegation of the Russian involvement might be a "false flag." It is believed that Trump might appoint the former US envoy to the UN as the deputy secretary of state.

"I believe that intelligence has been politicized in the Obama administration to a very significant degree," The Hill quoted Bolton.

He wondered why Russians would "leave fingerprints" if they really had a role to play in the US election.

Since Trump dismisses the US intelligence's report, it must be noted that he is going to lead the department soon as the commander-in-chief.

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