Why Donald Trump Makes Estonia So Nervous

US News Update 2016 - An outside view of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the earlier evening of this month represents the Russian's hallmark plots, dragging metal bats along the cobblestone street with dark colors of the heavy clothes as disguised by Estonian troops with the heavy weapons standing nearby the Parliament.

That's a part of exercises by the Estonian's police and paramilitary defense force that has become kind of drill in the unsettled growing country about a bellicose behavior of its country neighbor to east part.  

Nazis, Soviets, Bolsheviks and Czars had succeeded to make Estonian a stoic enough for centuries. The country is well-accustomed to live with the Russian threat and the uncertainty  may bring, even the American officials in Washington are afraid of the Russian's intentions.

We're very confident with a commitment of our allies to cover us. But it's not attractive options. The 2007 cyber-attack by Russia and the Soviet occupation freshly remain in Estonia, but not to mention of 2014 invasion Russia to Ukraine that make Estonia become a prime target by Russian Moscow meddling and propaganda, Sven Mikser, The Minister of Foreign, told Politico in an interview last week. 

However, the rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia have highly placed Estonia as the spotlight. Russian soldiers regularly attacked the Estonian Airspace by placing Nuclear-powered missiles in a bordered territory of Russian nearby Lithuania, Kaliningrad.

A War Literature of Rand Corp has found that The Russian forces could reach the Tallin's outskirts only in 60 hours and The Russian warships completed by the cruise missiles that are lurking in Baltic Sea might destroy the defense of NATO.

When the president George W Bush met Vladimir Putin several years ago, He saw something great in Russia, even we didn't. And in terms of Hillary Clinton as State Secretary, she pushed this research to get done, but we did not see any chance if it would work. All of the Estonian are bit skeptics if the research could succeed. It would be more realistic to approach at the beginning, Mikser said. 

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