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Donald Trump now blasts this news channel besides CNN on Twitter

By Shubham Ghosh

President-Elect Donald Trump is at it again. On Sunday (December 11), he lashed out at NBC's Nightly News show on Twitter, his favorite means of communication, saying it was "biased, inaccurate and bad". Trump was upset with the show over its segment that stressed his relation with the country's intelligence agencies.

Just a few days ago, Trump's transition team blasted the Central Intelligence Agency after the latter said that Russia tried to influence the American presidential election this year to see Trump win, raising serious concerns over the future relationship between the new president and the intelligence agency. Trump's team even attacked the intelligence services saying these people had in the past said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. It was during the presidency of the last Republican president, George W Bush, that the U.S. had invaded Iraq on the premises that the late dictator had the devastating weapons but it wasn't found to be true in the end.

Trump, however, did not target just the NBC but also the CNN, a channel with which he hardly had peace this election season.

While Trump himself rubbished the reports during an interview to Fox News saying they were "ridiculous" and "just another excuse", his top aide Kellyanne Conway also rejected the claims, as "laughable" and also "ridiculous".

Earlier, the NBC quoted somebody it called as a former senior intelligence official as saying: "It is curious that someone who refuses to take intelligence briefings has decided that he doesn't agree with the analysis contained in them."

On December 9, President Barack Obama asked for a "full review" into the allegations that the Kremlin influenced the American election. It was also on the same day that a secret report by the CIA claimed to have identified individuals with Russian links to have leaked emails to Wikileaks after hacking into the accounts of the members of the Democratic National Committee, said an IB Times report.

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