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Fox's comedy, WHY HIM ?, features Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bryan Cranston engaged in a group hug

By Patar Nelson Toruan

US News Update 2016 -  Steve Bannon never hopes to find himself plastered on Star Wars posters in Hollywood when he came out to compare his self to Darth Vader, A Star Wars villain.

However, He thanks to a street artist, Sabo, who make this become a reality. Sabo is well-known as a conservative street artist that has been dedicating his career to produce incorrect street art by subverting the new Star Wars film posters.

The film's name changed from Rogue One to Rogue Won and a valiant-looking of Donald Trump  and Hilary Clinton will replace the cast on the fore-and-back ground. A tittle of Rogue Won : A Culture War Story floated on the poster bottom and amended to read.

The tech editor of Breitbart News, Milo Yiannopoulos and Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon would be the actors of the faux advertisement, referring to a poster of the president-elect surrounded by a posse. 

Both of Yianopolis and Bannon associated with an alt-right movement where Bannon declared far-right, Yianopoulos would be a spokesman of the movement, with Breitbart's site as the platform for alt-right.

The alt-right movement has been accused of anti-Semitism, racism, and misogyny and it shared an ideology of far-right party like the French National Front.

However, They are not the ones who feature the Star Wars images posted at the bus stops and some locations near by the theater of Pantages in Hollywood.

The host of Fox News, Sean Hannity, Vice Media Co-finder, Gavin McInness and Julian Assange, Conservative pundit Ann Coulter and Wikileaks founder also together appeared around the Trump's poster.

Bryan Cranston, James Franco and Zoey Deutch stared a spoof version of Fox's comedy : Why him ? The comedy features Trump, Clinton and Cranston engaged in a group hug with the text on a screen said : Of all the guys, US country have chosen and to see you in Canada.

It's a direct jibe of Hollywood Celebrity, Bryan Cranston, who promised to leave United States if Donald Trump Elected as a future president of the country


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