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Donald Trump would consider to lift the sanction of Russian corporations and state banks.

By Patar Nelson Toruan

Donald Trump News 2016 -  The US president-elect called Russian Government Reports who endeavored him to win the presidential election as an excuse and something ridiculous, Trump said, interview on Sunday, asking the intelligence community will take a part of his inauguration next week.

No, I never believe it at all, Trump told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. He suspects if Democrats are behind of the hacking attacks report of The Russian government intended to put him as the U.S President.

I think it's really ridiculous. It's only an excuse and I don't believe in it, You know, what they talked just about all sort of things, Trump said Wallace on the interview over the weekend.

It will be another excuse every week. As you know,  we had a massive landslide victory in the Electoral College, referring to his 306-232 edge

The Russia's goal to support one of the presidential candidate over the other, It refers to help trump's win, and belongs to the consensus view of the Russian Intelligent Community, according to report of Washington Post published last week cited a US Official

President-elect didn't agree and said that the hacking attack sources remained in doubt members of the intelligence community and it might be done by China or Russia.

Tump properly criticized and promised to improve relations with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He would consider to lifting the sanction of Russian corporations and state banks.

The president-elect warmly called Vladimir Putin as a strong leader. That's similarly to a relationship of ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson, who have warm ties with The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, that awarded by Putin with one of the Russian's highest honor, Order of Friendship. 

President Barack Obama would have ordered a deep dive into the cyber-attacks, targeted the Democratic National Committee and The Campaign Chairman of Hillary Clinton, and asked for a final report before he left the office next month. The president-elect also supported Obama's efforts to find the hacking source plagued the 2016 Presidential Election.

I think that's great and I want it too, I don't want the other sides to hack us. I'm not talking about other countries, it's about anyone or personal. But if you're going to hack, I think you ought to mention other countries as well not only Russia and could be an individual, Trump said, referring to investigations ordered by Obama.

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