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Samuel Jackson hopes President-Elect Donald Trump will not destroy Hollywood

By Shubham Ghosh

He has been a strong critic of Donald Trump throughout the presidential election. And now, veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson is hoping that the controversial president-elect of the U.S. doesn't shut Hollywood down.

The 67-year-old actor-producer though did not take Trump's name while speaking at Dubai International Film Festival roundtable on Friday (December 9) but did not hesitate to express his concerns about the New York tycoon and the world-famous film industry, said reports.

"Hopefully he won't destroy Hollywood. Hopefully we will be able to keep working and he won't shut Hollywood down," a Hollywood Reporter article quoted Jackson as saying. "You know he could say, 'Hollywood didn't support me,' so that's it. Who knows what could happen," he added, according to the report.

Trump has been critical of a number of individuals who have expressed disliking for him and vented his anger on Twitter. Recently, he was upset with actor Alec Baldwin impersonating him on "Saturday Night Live" and blasted the show. It certainly means that the president-elect is not ready to accept even the criticism of the creative.

Returning to Jackson who received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dubai festival, he cleared the doubts about him thinking to shift his base from the U.S. Did he go to Dubai to find a new home? "Not really," Jackson said, according to the Hollywood Reporter article. The actor had remarked in a show that he would move to South Africa if Trump became the president. But reports later said that he was not doing so despite what he feared eventually becoming the reality.

But the 'Legend of Tarzan' star was not seeing things from one a one-sided point of view. He said Trump got the support of a section of Americans who were not happy with Barack Obama, the outgoing president. He said Trump did not steal the election.

"I think now people like me are feeling the way that all those people who hated Barack [Obama] felt for the last eight years. It's just a flip. A lot of people voted for him. It's not like he stole the election. More people voted for Hillary [Clinton], OK, fine. But for eight years there have been people who have hated Barack. And to the world he was a beloved kind of dude," said the renowned civil rights activist.

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