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Donald Trump cautioned Rex Tillerson as the leading candidate and John Bolton ends up as the second official at State

By Patar Nelson Toruan

Donald Trump News 2016 - According to a close of presidential transition team : The US President-elect, Donald Trump, prefers to pick ExxonMobil CEO with closed tight to Vladimir Putin, The President of Russian, Rex Tillerson, as his State Secretary.

Trump met twice with Mitt Romney, a host of other contenders and a former critic, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Sen Bob Corker, to find the nation's next top diplomat.

Trump called Tillerson as a world-class player and praised him as a great manager of the best largest companies around the globe in Fox News interview, will air full on Sunday.

As a personal, Tillerson has great advantages. He has known many players and having a good relationship with them. He's done massive deals with Russia and that's not for himself but for the company, Trump said.

The president-elect also met with other finalists - Corker, James Stavridis and Romney - during this week but Trump cautioned that Tillerson is the leading candidate and John Bolton ends up as the second official at State, a close of transition team stated.

No announcements of The State Secretary until the earliest next week.Trump had not yet made any decision to pick the retired Gen. James Mattis as his Secretary of Defense after news report he had. He just mentioned James Mattis as his choice only a few hours later, tweeted the Transition Communication Director, Jason Miller, to push back NBC News Saturday's report.

The news report of Tillerson as State Secretary could complicate his ties to Vladimir Putin  as Republicans Russian already raising the questions. I have no idea how deep Tillerson's relation to Vladimir was. But, honestly, it will be a concern for me, Sen.John McCain said.

Trump decided to pick Tillerson less than 24 hours after the bombshell report that the CIA assessment stated Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee emails, The Hilary Clinton's top adviser, to intervene 2016 US Presidential election as an effort to expose Trump.

Trump's Transition team refused a caustic statement of the report : They are the same kind who said Saddam Hussein kept the weapons of mass destructions.

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