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Facebook CEO : It's a "Pretty Crazy Idea" that Fake News on Facebook had an impact on the Donald Trump Election

By Patar Nelson Toruan

US News Update 2016 - The prominent fact checkers of United States fought a battle against the fake news during the presidential campaigns. They said that Facebook would be a great hope to stop the masquerading propaganda as News.

"They need a particular social network as Donald Trump, The world's biggest megaphone, a frequent miss-communication provider of his self-preparing to inherit the White House", Fact Checkers said

Facebook widely shared the headlines reported that FBI agent died in a murder-suicide, get involved in the email investigation of Hilary Clinton, and stated that Pope Francis had endorsed Donald Trump as the presidential candidate.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has pledged to take this misinformation seriously, after scoffing if the fake news helped the Trump's election, and warned about the bad impact of his business to be an arbiter of a truth, however, he has no timeline for an action of handling this case.

But the fact checker organizations diligently reported exaggerations and lies during the presidential campaign and they argued that only Facebook has networks and to influence the fake news flow stopped. They also asked the company to make changes right away, as the weeks down to Trump's inauguration.

Facebook has completely super-powered fake news site. But It might be the first platform to measure how those things spread and how we could push them back, said The Poyner Institute's International Fact-Checking Network Director and Editor

The big three of Country's fact checkers, The Washington Post's Fact Checker : A part of Pennsylvania University's Annenberg Public Policy Center, : The Tampa Bay Times project and PolitiFact, has called Facebook CEO to make an open conversation which able to clear up news ecosystems on its news feed.

The social network should have started to remove the most popular fake stories of the News Feed on home screens. That's first thing Zuckerberg must do. The most popular hoaxes highly re-posted and get clicked by over hundreds and thousands of times. It's circulating for years. He needs to rightly decide to a filtering type having far-reaching effects. Please do not underestimate to act on the biggest fakes, said Mantzarlis.

The Director, Eugene Kiely, said that Facebook could find the fake stories attached to related stories to particular headlines. I'm concerning how they could remove material from some of the social media networks. I am really not sure as it's kind of a vital space to get into, Kiely added

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