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The former New York City mayor was considered to be a top contender for Secretary of State

By Patar Nelson Toruan

US News Update 2016Rudy Giuliani was convinced as the strong candidate for the State Secretary roles. Unfortunately, Trump's Transition team pushed him to remove his name out of the position.

James Stavridis retired admiral, the Governor of Massachusett, Mitt Romney, Ford CEO former, Alan Mulally and Sen Bob Corker floated as considered names to take roles of the State Department.

Giuliani took back his name since November 29 with unclear reasons remain. It's not about me.his It's about how to find a best of the new administration for this country. I took a lot of parts and fulfilling the job with my consulting and law firm before joined the Trump's presidential campaign, and more enthusiasm to continue that work.

The President-elect praised Giuliani as his most vocal surrogate to against Hillary Clinton during the campaign, and keep him as the vice chairman of Trump's transition team.

Sure, He is and always be a close friend. and I will call him for some advice and put him as the executive in state administration  on the other day. Rudy has been a great member of the cabinet for several assignments, But I understand and to respect for his some reasons to remain in the private sector. Trump said.

Sen Corker, Tillerson, and Romney mentioned as the considered three front runners. The Trump's transition team did not have the same view of Guiliani's public audition. Guiliani bothered people by doing interviews with himself. Actually, He just needed to make the deal when Trump's in that view. However, Trump's now not on Rudy minded anymore. The transition aide told Politico.  

The mayor did not want another administration assignment, He's interested only in serving as State Secretary. And when Giuliani realized if it became distractions, it was a time to removed his name of considered cabinet lists. No more reasons remain than that.

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