Donald Trump has reportedly chosen Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn as his pick for director of the National Economic Council.

Donald Trump News 2016 -  A major of American probably asked whose Trump being considered the leader of the largest banks in Th US to lead a government agency while he pledged to drain a swamp of bureaucracy and lobbying authority in Washington DC.

During Trump's presidential campaign, He mentioned of Hillary Clinton to release all of her speeches transcripts paid at Goldman and criticized the Wall Street Bank. He would have appointed the executive chief and chairman of Dow Chemical Co, Andrew Liveris, to lead a private sector group in serving the US commerce secretary, Manufacturing Council.

Trump also announced if Andrew Liveris, 62, had accepted the appointment during a rally battle in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Gary Cohn becomes the latest Trump's pick. He is a registered Democrat and donated thousands of dollars to Republicans presidential campaign, Marco Rubio, in the last year ( 2015 ) and democracy primary campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2015.

Steven Mnuchin and Trump's adviser, Stephen Bannon appointed by the president-elect for his treasury secretary.

According to Bloomberg's report that some of Cohn's employee described Cohn as an intimidating and tight close to employee's problem and to highly monitor about the market situations.

The executive is an electrician's son born in Ohio, who succeeded to be a real estate developer, and having a bachelor's degree from Kogod School of Business in 1982. He became aluminum steel frames and windows salesman before joined Goldman Sachs' Commodities in 1990.

As a co-head of the Goldmann Sachs in 2003, Cohn reportedly took more risks by expanding the trading business in mortgage bond market and Goldman lost $1.2 billion during the financial crisis in 2010. You are competing every day and you are playing to win each day, Cohn said, at the American University speech in 2009.

So, You have to remember to wake up every morning and to imagine how to win. That's what you should do, he said, at the Jack Welch College of Business speech in 2015, looked like he attended the weekly Congress and trying to convince the audiences by taking off the regulations.

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