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Paul Ryan has yet another 'exciting meeting' with Trump; how things have changed for these two men after November 8

By Staff Reporter

The two hardly had a smooth joint sailing in the past but things seem to have changed after Donald Trump won the election on November 8 to become the president-elect. On Friday (December 9), Speaker Paul Ryan met Trump at Trump Tower in New York and described the meeting to be a "very exciting" one.

According to a pool report, Ryan said he "really enjoyed" meeting Trump and they talked over the country's transition. He also said that they were "very excited about getting to work" and put the U.S. back on track.

This is not the first time that Ryan expressed his 'excitement' over meeting the president-elect amd working with him. On November 10, two days after the tycoon bagged the election, the duo had met at Capitol Hill where they discussed about their working together and also rolling back key aspects of the legacy of Barack Obama, the outgoing president.

According to a report in Politico, Ryan - the Republican from Wisconsin - and Trump were to discuss policies and other legislative issues they intend to takes up soon after the Trump Presidency gets inaugurated on January 20, said sources close to the meeting. Details of the meeting were not divulged, said reports.

It was also reported that the two men speak almost every day now which says that things have really changed for Ryan once Trump had the last laugh in the fight against Hillary Clinton. The tumultuous relation between Trump and Ryan during the election campaign days has now been changed into a working one. Ryan has also been in close contact with Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, a former House member who is playing an active role in the transition phase.

Earlier this year, Trump and Ryan had differences over several issues and the two had taken a long time to endorse each other (Trump as the presidential candidate and Ryan as the Speaker) though eventually they did. Pence, who had endorsed Ryan earlier than Trump, had hoped the relation between them would be great and they would succeed working together.

Pence will be immensely glad now.

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