About Donald Trump's use of Twitter: Social media service's CEO Jack Dorsey feels it's 'complicated'

For Donald Trump, Twitter has been the most reliable means of communication. The president-elect, who will take over as the next American president on January 20, has never hesitated in using the social media platform to express his mind - even if that has enraged his opponents or the common man.

But what does the Twitter feel about the way Trump uses it? Well, Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey has "complicated" feelings about the New York billionaire's use of the platform.

Speaking at the Code Commerce conference in San Francisco, California, on Wednesday (December 6), Dorsey differed with the idea that he was responsible in any way for Trump's victory in November 8 election. "America is responsible for Donald Trump being president," the Guardian quoted Dorsey as saying but conceded that the New York billionaire used the microblogging site better than his opponents.

Dorsey said the fact that the president-elect using Twitter as a direct channel of communication to know what is on his mind is "interesting" and "fascinating".

The Twitter CEO said "a new world where everything is on the surface" is being witnessed and people can see it in real time and have talks about it but said that he was not sure where did all this head to. "Complicated" was the term Dorsey used when asked about his take on the president-elect's using the social media platform.

Though Trump, a blue-eyed boy of the right-wing mind, has remained busy tweeting day and night, it's also true that the social media platform has taken a strong stand against increasing far-right activity after Trump won the election last month.

A week after the election result came out, Twitter came out safety measures to deal with abuse and harassment.

The social media site also banned a number of known "alt-right" users who preach white supremacist ideas. In July, Twitter had permanently banned one of the editors of Breitbart News, a conservative media organization, Milo Yiannopoulos, for inciting abuse of Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones on the social media site.

Trump has also been criticized and mocked for his obsession with tweeting. A few days ago, a social media user in China mocked him saying he runs the country with Twitter after his announcement of the president of Taiwan calling him to congratulate on his win on the social media platform shook the diplomatic circles that even feared a confrontation between Washington and Beijing.

Trump's tweeting had created so much controversy in the run-up to this year's presidential election that it was even reported that his campaign staff members had temporarily denied him access to the social media platform so that he could not add more to the chaos in the dying moments by posting something debatable. His team was all the more apprehensivesince he was trailing his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton at that moment.

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