Gen. Barry McCaffrey calls for investigation into Lt. General Michael Flynn and his son for spreading propaganda news

President-elect Donald Trump's choices for the different positions of his administration has come under fire in the past couple of days, with several prominent figures already expressing their concerns. Now, General Barry McCaffrey, a former United States Army officer, has come out in public to express his views on one particular appointment.

Trump recently announced that he was choosing Lt. General Michael Flynn as his national security advisor when he officially takes office next month. McCaffrey however apparently does not approve of this based on the previous actions Flynn had undertaken during Trump's election campaign and on the recent proliferation of "fake" and propaganda news spreading on his social media accounts.

During an interview with NBC News, McCaffrey mentioned that he was initially very supportive of Trump's decision to have Flynn on board as his national security advisor. However, when he discovered Flynn's social media posts, he immediately felt that he was unfit for the position. McCaffrey even went as far as saying that some of Flynn's tweets and posts were "demented." General McCaffrey then went on to say that there was a need to examine the entire situation with Lt. General Michael Flynn and his son.

Flynn's social media accounts had reportedly sent out at least 16 different fake stories about Trump's opponents, including the current United States President, Barrack Obama. Most of the stories were directly attacking Hillary Clinton, which included fabricated stories about Clinton's involvement in child sex trafficking, her "secret war" with the Catholic Church, and even stories that incited fear of a looming nuclear war with Russia. Other stories alleged that Obama was actually a "jihadi" who was working for Muslim terrorist.

One of the fake stories about Clinton's involvement in child sex trafficking even prompted a man to walk into a restaurant, armed with a high-powered rifle, to personally deal with the alleged sex traffic ring.

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