The RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, as the Trump White House political vehicle

US News Update 2016 - The Chairwoman of Michigan GOP, Ronna Romney McDaniel, and Nick Ayers, A Republican operative,  as two caliber candidates to sit on Capitol Hills  besides The Republican National Committee. Both of them currently serving an aide to Mike Pence, The Vice President-elect.

According to a source within the Trump Tower, dueling factions in Trump's orbit have shown up behind all of the candidates. RNC Officials, Matt Pinnell, and veteran Bush operative, Mercedes Schlapp, floated as the potential co-chair as the two sides. Transition sources cautioned.

McDaniel would be a preferred candidate recommended by The RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, and incoming White House Leader, to hand over authority to a fellow member of the committee. Rebekah Mercer, GOP Megadonor, and Steve Bannon, Trump Senior Strategist, are pushing to pick RNC Chairman as the Trump White House political vehicle under institutional outsider control like Schlapp and Ayers.

The populist elements and establishment of Trump's political world would be represented by the two sides. Both of them currently fighting to control the committee member for almost two weeks. The incoming president would typically decide an official meeting of the party's chair followed by the 168 members  of RNC executive committee, with some of the committee members acknowledged if the official meeting would be on Thursday.

Bill PalatucciNew Jersey Committeeman and an ally of Gov. Chris Christie said that "I will back up if the president-elect asks me to back up". When the president-elect  takes control, our goals normally changed. We would be a political arm of the president said Shawn Steel, California Committeeman.

Bannon and Mercer  on the other Pence and Priebus essentially fighting for Trump's ear and waiting for him to agree or to give another direction. Right now, GOP Insider closely watching Trump's decision as the first turf war among the establishment Priebus and populist Bannon. The outcome of its might be interpreted as an indicator to have a greater sway over the direction of the party during Trump era.

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