Donald Trump to remain as producer for 'Celebrity Apprentice' during his presidency

Despite the controversy that loomed over president-elect Donald J. Trump and the show that he started with Mark Burnett, new reports have emerged which have confirmed that Trump will in fact still remain as one of its executive producers. Trump's stakes on the highly popular reality television show spin-off, "The Celebrity Apprentice," will reportedly still remain even after he officially holds office next year.

According to Variety, who first reported on the issue, Trump will apparently still retain his interest in the show aired by NBC. The network of course also reports on his presidency, which means that there may be a conflict of interest that will ensue once the show's 14th season airs next month. NBC has yet to release an official statement regarding the issue and it remains to be seen what their stance will be towards Trump still being an executive producer of one of their shows.

Trump himself had hosted the original "The Apprentice" reality television show. He last hosted its spin-off series, "The Celebrity Apprentice" back in February 2015, after which he then stepped down to run for president. The show has since been hosted by California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also an executive producer of the hit reality series. Unlike its parent television series, the spin-off features contestants who are well known celebrities and famous personalities competing to be the ultimate apprentice.

Reports have revealed that Trump's name will still be appearing as one of the executive producers of the show when it airs next month, on Jan. 2, 2017. It is also not yet clear how much Trump will be paid per episode, and how much he stands to make for the show's new season. It also has to be noted that NBC has previously severed ties with the real estate magnate and businessman after he had made racial comments about Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapists during his campaign trail.

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