Donald Trump Launches War On Unions

US News Update 2016 - On Twitter, Donald Trump blasted the leader of Indiana worker Union and directly announced to choose Andrew Puzder, a fast-food executive, as his Department of Labor Secretary.

Executive Director of National Nurses United, RoseAnn DeMoro, said That's only a part of larger agendas, seen it playing in terms of his picks to destroy the labor movement. They plan to do the small part of agendas with a democracy and want to labor out of the balance power of corporations. That's the problem.

Weingarten hardly criticized to appoint Betsy DeVos for his Educational Secretary who support in expanding private schools for low-income children. It looks an opposite of Trump's pledges when he's on the presidential campaign for the working class. It's about destroying the employee job-level.

The President-elect might be rebranding the Department of Labor as the anti-worker dept. Andrew Puzder can earn all of his store workers only in a day even he has to find them in a year. The economic inequality he brings refers to actual things we counted on Department of Labor to against. said President of Services Employees International Union.

The President of United Steelworkers 1999, Chuck Jones" told the Washington Post, that only 800 of jobs scheduled to be preserved, refers to what Trump announced that 1,100 jobs would remain in Indiana.

Jone did a terrible job as representing local union workers. If the United Steelworkers 1999 did any great, They would keep the jobs in Indiana. More working than talking, Trump responded through a tweet. All of the union leaders would support Chuck Jones on Thursday. Randi Weingarten lauded Jones and calling Trump as a big bully. You have to know that Trump has bought steel from China. and there's no problem with Jones. He is a hero, she said

Many supports come to Jones. Including The President of AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka called jones as a man of passion and having a great integrity. Attack him seems to attack all workers across the U.S

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