Bill Valdez : Slower Efforts Could Make A Real Impact On Trump's Capability

US News Update 2016President Barack Obama defeated by Donal Trump on the pace of cabinet announcement, but Trump left his predecessor when the cabinet announcement came to other transition critical to fulfill his campaign pledges.

It's not about key appointments under his administration but referring to Trump's agency team having nitty-gritty work with Obama's administration official might break Trump's pledges to get his presidency off to a barn-burning start. Trump's teams been AWOL at several agencies across the U.S, leaving them on a binder with some briefing material adopted since March, said Obama administration officials assigned to presidential transition.

The slower efforts of transition agencies would make a real impact on Trump's capability to fast handle current issues like immigration and infrastructure reform including Obamacare. I've just heard that sort of things quiet on the western front", said the President of Executives Association, Bill Valdez, wants to help Trump's team to their agencies.

Some workers with low-level career basically just came in and asked Where could we find keys to the men's room ? and on the current rumor that none shown up so far even a high-level employee would come on this week. said Bill's Colleagues worked at Labour Department. "It belongs to the third week of Trump's team to get into building after a fourth member removed couple of days later"

A bad communication with Trump's agencies would make a consternation among Obama official teams. Both of political aides who plan to quit on Jan 20 and public servants that take part of spans presidencies, assigned to help and to facilitate a smooth transition. 

But, International Development US Agency said that they haven't heard anything from Trump's team.

Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, told reporters on Monday that " we're willing to help and to control frustration that spilled out into public. Unfortunately, we don't know where to give the information to. We're really excited to have transition team around who come the day before Thanksgiving that we've never heard from anyone. McCarthy said.

Trump's spokesman didn't give any comment in that requests. Trump's now going to his inauguration. He's making a meeting schedule at Trump's Tower to name a previous president-elect at eight of his cabinet. The number raised up to 10 by Trump to nominate Marine Gen without official news on Wednesday. John Kelly will lead the Department of Homeland and General Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney, as Chief of EPA.

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