Donald Trump must fight the establishment to keep his promises

The establishment may try to destroy Donald Trump's efforts to make America great again.

Frank Bruni from the New York Times wrote about his meeting with the president-elect. He said Trump shook his hand and told him he was going to get Bruni write "some good stuff" about him.

This may be worth noting that the New York Times endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential Election. While endorsing Clinton, the NYT called Trump "the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history." It is also known for having a strong bias against the Republican leader who eventually performed better than Clinton, despite her "record of service and a raft of pragmatic ideas."

The then President George Bush said in 1988 that he would pursue a continuous fight with the Congress which would pressure him to raise taxes. He promised during his presidential campaign that he would not raise taxes.

Bush said in the speech that it would be the Democrats who were going to force him to break his promise. History knows that the Congress did exactly the same. But, it is also true that Bush gave in to the pressure.  

The establishment may try to do the same to Donald Trump. It will force him to break his promises. Fortunately, the 45th US president is different from any politician America has seen in recent times. He does not care much about what the intellectuals think of him.

Ann Coulter wrote on Breitbart News that Donald Trump's take on immigration was perfectly in line with the president's rights. According to her, it is the president's job to protect the borders as the commander-in-chief. It is his job to secure the country by building walls along the border. No matter how much the establishment tries influence him, Donald Trump should stick to his promises.

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