Donald Trump: 'We'll stop racing to topple foreign regimes'

US News Update 2016 - Donald Trump has laid out a US Military policy to avoid interventions on defeating Islamic state militancy. "We will stop to topple foreign regimes that we shouldn't be involved with", Trump said on Tuesday night, Fayetteville, Near Fort Brag military base in North California. 

Trump's statement came out few hours after President Barack Obama stated what was billed  as the final national security address of his presidency. Obama didn't mention Trump by his name but it's implicitly warned his successor to avoid actions that might give a wrong legitimacy to ISIS community. 

 Focus on the US Military strategy and defense might be better than offering fake words that we can destroy terrorist by dropping many bombs and to send many soldiers, Obama stated

The US President-elect vowed to destroy the shit out of Islamic State and routinely rejected to give a counter-terrorism strategy. Trump warned terrorists across the US border disguised as refugees and proposed policies included a ban for all Moslem immigrations to United States, Trump stated on his "Thank You" tours.

Trump vowed a strong rebuilding of the US Military stretched too thin. He wanted to boost spending on US Military policies. Trump promised to find the congressional approvals to lift caps on defense spending as part of sequestration legislation. Instead of US Military rebuilding, Trump would allocate some funds to renovate some aging roads, airports, and bridges.

"We'll be rebuilding the military strength as we're all over the fighting areas that we shouldn't be in. It wouldn't be depleted any longer. Nations shared their goals would be considered as US partner. And we also remember to strengthen old relationships and making new ones. But the government intervention should be already coming to the end. US armed forces currently involved in the most part of active combat in the Middle East, Syria and Iraq",Stated Trump

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