Donald Trump Treated Donors with Election-Night Drama

US News Update 2016 - Trump took up emotions of his remarks at the Cipriani Restaurant on November 08, with one of attendee said that Trump expected to take a vacation with Melania, his wife. He would name his state secretary next week without telling other details who being considered.

Ronna Romney, The Michigan GOP Chair, and a former Massahussets Government Mitt Romney, will get a chance and seen as a possible candidate to lead the Republican National Committee.  Trump reminds of his criticism to Boeing 747 contract, He stated that under his administration, the government would destroy some excessive expenses like Air Force One replacement and he also giving jokes to real estate executives attended could have struck a better deal.

At the same time, Trump stated some regulations needed to stop overreach cases in the last few years and suggested Apple CEO, Tim Cook, to establish next factory around the U.S as praises. TV Producer, Mark Burnett, urged him to make  extravaganza celebrations on events held in New York and Washington D.C said Trump when he met mark on his inauguration.

One of the attendees on the election-night said if the president-elect overall looks more relax than previous gatherings. He pokes fun with audiences who not supported him during the presidential campaigns, by saying millions of people on the campaigns but not so many people in the election-night room. "He converted one opponent to a $10 millions donor. They always said No Trump, But they now only have one Trump " He applauded and bragged to laughter, according to a video of the remarks.

I got jeff Zucker and spending 18 months to trash me! Trump said, referring to CNN president. Reince Priebus, Trump's Choice for Chief of staff, joked that Trump would be a great president and his face would be one day on the $20 bill. Other Lobbyists in the election-night crowd incluededSmitty Davis of Akin Gump, Rob O'Connor of Goldman Sachs, Ed Hill of America Bank and many more.

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