News Dec 08, 2016 02:59 AM EST

Donald Trump reportedly still keeping stakes in companies despite full separation promise

By Charleston Lim

New information has just recently come to light regarding president-elect Donald Trump's plans in keeping his promise of leaving his business empire to fully focus on being the President of the United States. While Trump announced that he would be doing so as it would be visually important for the country, not much is yet known about his actual plans and whether he would really be letting go of all his decision making powers within his business empire.

Trump had previously announced in a tweet that he would be making a huge announcement during a press conference together with his family next week. Several reports have now revealed that Trump may be formally turning over the administrative and operational responsibilities of his various real estate companies to his two adult sons. Despite the turn over, Trump will reportedly still be keeping his stakes in the business amidst requests for him to divest.

Lawyers for the Trump family are also reportedly still polishing up the plans for Trump to sever ties with his companies. It was also revealed that Ivanka Trump, Trump's daughter, would also be leaving her father's organization. Reports have speculated that Ivanka may also have plans to move to the White House together with her husband, Jared Kushner. There are also reports which have revealed that Ivanka's husband may be holding an advisory role in the White House when his father-in-law officially holds office. As for Ivanka, she has continually shown that she intends to become a spokesperson for different issues including child care, and possibly even climate change.

As of the moment, none of the plans for Trump and Ivanka's separation from the Trump empire has been completed, which means that it still really undetermined what Trump will be announcing next week. People working for Trump. holding executive positions within his company. have so far declined to comment on the transition.

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