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Donald Trump named Terry Branstad as US Ambassador to China

By Patar Nelson Toruan

US News Update 2016The US President-elect, Donald Trump, has appointed Terry Branstad, The Republican Governor of Lowa, to become US Ambassador to China. said Trump's transition team. It's the right step to re-build US - China relationship after Trump's call to the President of Taiwan, Tsai-Ing Wen, a few days ago. The Republic China President,  Xi Jinping, has a good relationship with Terry Branstad since 1985 when he visited the governor of Lowa as an agricultural official. Mr. Branstad called Xi Jinping as an "old friend" during an animal-feed delegation to Iowa, nine months before Xi Jinping as the China leader. 

However, According to Wall Street Journal tells that the two first met was in 1984 when Terry Branstad visited China and served by Xi Jinping as leader of Chinese communist.

The Chinese officials hardly concern on foreign influences to affect the Chinese leader in making a decision. It doesn't mean that they are tight said Asia Policy Associate Director, Scott Harold, at Rand responding to the issue.

A recent call among The US President-elect and Tsai Ing-wen brought diplomatic protests from Beijing. The incident has broken the US policy established for decades. Since President Jimmy Carter changed its recognition from Taiwan to Beijing in 1979, No American President had direct diplomatic contact with Taiwan Officials. Under 'One China' doctrine, Beijing has considered China to be a breakaway province.

Trump stated that he received a call from Tsai Ing-Wen, even though the Tsai's official team said there were a contact to arrange the call. The 10 minutes conversation among Trump and Taiwan leader raised an angry response from Beijing. Obama administration quickly moved to assure Beijing that United States has no plan to change "One China" policy.

In the wake of the call, Trump directly took a tweet to accuse the potential currency manipulation by China and aggressively to build US Military Presence in some disputed districts of South China Sea

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