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69 Percent of Respondents : Trump Didn't Have To Sell His Business

By Staff Reporter

Donald Trump News 2016" It wouldn't be problems for a majority of American in what Trump planned on his business " based on Bloomberg Politics poll released on Wednesday. 69 percent of polls stated that he didn't have to sell his business and his family's. And the other 67 percent said if Trump should know how to make a decision of being a businessman and a president. 

Trump sold  his holding stocks last June but the asset portfolio of his business goes far beyond that, with real estate holdings and companies around the globe. 

All the presidential candidates have historically pledged to put their assets into a blind trust once the authority on their hands. It's just a theory to make a decision to White House based on their personal financial interest instead of the country.

More than 50 percent of the American respondents said if they are very confident if Trump will put the nation's interest ahead of his personal or his family's in dealing with other country's leaders or presidents.

Based on a Bloomberg poll taken on January 2009, The US President, Barack Obama, viewed by 78 percent of respondents after he won his first presidential election. And Trump's rating sat at 33 percent on August's poll, climbed to 50 percent in a Bloomberg Politics poll released on Wednesday.

" I am thinking of presidential election 2020 will be viewed by more than 56 percent of respondents, the same rating as President Obama, " Said US Vice President, Joe Biden, earlier this week. 

73 percent of American respondents appeared to cut Trump's slack during his campaign promises, by accepting his pledge recalibration. Trump stepped back from his words to find a special prosecutor to investigate Hilary Clinton, as a Democratic opponent, for some special cases and look softened on several his campaign promises as he tries to strike a more unifying tone.

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