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Donald Trump thinks 'Mad Dog' will make a great defense secretary but will his confirmation be too easy?

By Shubham Ghosh

President-Elect Donald Trump has never fallen short of praising words when it comes to the members of his administrative team which will take over in January. On Tuesday (december 6), Trump introduced his pick as the defense secretary, Gen. James Mattis at a rally in Fayetteville in North Carolina, calling the latter a "popular choice" and "one the most effective generals" the US has seen in "many, many decades".

At the rally held near the Fort Bragg military base in the key state which the president-elect swept in this year's election, Trump vowed to rebuild America's military and begin the combat against terrorism afresh.

Trump, who is on a "Thank You Tour" to commemorate his win in the November 8 election, was accompanied by Mattis, a former general who had served as the head of the Central Command in the Mid-east and Afghanistan. Mattis, nicknamed "Mad Dog", expressed his gratitude by saying that he is "grateful for the opportunity to return to our troops, their families, the civilians at the Department of Defense because I know how committed they are and devoted they are to the defense of our country, the defense of our Constitution.''

However, whatever Trump might feel about Mattis, his confirmation as the defense secretary is not going to be a smooth affair. As per the norms, Mattis is not eligible to serve as Trump's defense secretary since it's still not seven years since he has retired from the military. His appointment can go through only after a legislative waiver and this promises to be a serious contention between the Republicans and Democrats. While the Congressional Republicans are thinking of ramming through the nomination, the Democrats are in little mood to let that happen.

Meanwhile, "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert said on Monday that a defense secretary with the nickname "Mad Dog" doesn't make him feel safer, a Huffington Post article said.

"You've got a president with no experience of foreign policy with his finger on the button, and the other person in the room is a guy named 'Mad Dog.' That's not a secretary of defense, that's the sidekick on a morning zoo crew," the popular host said.

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