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Is Donald Trump helping China and Mexico come together?

By Shubham Ghosh

President-Elect Donald Trump has been critical of countries like China and Mexico from the very beginning and that is perhaps creating an opportunity for those two countries to come together.

According to China's Global Times, as Trump continues to target Mexico for 'luring away' American jobs, China is eyeing to better the economic ties with the U.S.A.'s southern neighbor. Hence, when Beijing is trying to improve its ties with Latin America, is Trump indirectly helping it by alienating Mexico?

The tug-of-war is already evident. After the president-elect convinced Carrier not to shift a manufacturing plant from Indiana to Mexico, the neighboring country said it is a competitive one which attracts investment from various places. Mexico's confidence was certainly boosted by China's winning two deepwater oil blocks there in an auction a couple of days ago. The China-Mexico camaraderie is certainly not going to end soon, especially when they have found a common rival in the next president of the United States.

But whatever be the external challenges for the US, its domestic realities certainly don't look unfavorable for Trump. The New York tycoon took a strong stand against economic globalization during this year's election campaign and was well received by several of his fellow countrymen.

According to an article in Washington Post, the counties that were affected by the import competition from Mexico and China voted more for Trump, even compared to other Republican candidates in the recent presidential polls.

Though it has seemed baffling as how a protectionist policy would help the American economy when chips are down in terms of unemployment, economists have managed to find an answer to the puzzle. According to them, those areas that have industries more vulnerable to competition from foreign goods tend to pick leaders who are more polarized in their views, irrespective of the party, added the Washington Post report.

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