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Hate Crimes Increase By 65 Times After Trump's Win

By Staff Reporter

USA Today's News 2016Detroit Free Press reported that since Trump's election on November 08, 2016, about 65 of hate crimes had been reported. Those cases still being discussed at a monthly meeting of Michigan Civil Rights Commission. About 36 of 65 hate crimes occurred at schools, from primary to Universities.

Hate crimes and racist harassment reportedly risen after since Trump's win. 900 incidents in ten days become new figures of worrisome to Civil Rights Commission. It highly spread from the report stated five to ten incidents generally reported in a year. It's really concerning and will be a responsibility upon us to protect the vulnerable civil rights said Rasha Demashkieh, Commission Co-Chair of The Michigan State Civil Rights Commission.

Donald Trump has a strong base of Neo-Nazi support and white supremacist. During his president election campaign, Trump supported by New York Businessman and grouping some Criminals and Mexicans Rapists, making Islamophobic fears of his base.  

On his "Thank You" tour across the USA, Trump stated that he against hatred and bigotry. Trump didn't refer to hate crimes and not directly broke up the white supremacist and Neo-Nazis in his name's celebration.  

Southern Poverty Low Center ( SPLC ) asked Donald Trump to contribute in quashing hatred and bigotry in the United States of America, after Hearing the words during the president-elect campaign. " We really hope that Trump now ready to responsible of his divisive campaign damages and to keep his words with a proven action to meaning what he said during his " Thank you " tours. He also promised to reject a language of exclusion. " We have seen how promises from a public figure like him, Donald Trump, translate into Violence, " said Mark Potok, Terrorism expert of SPLC. We tracked that 65 percent of 701 incident hate crimes recorded in three days after Trump's win  

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