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Donald Trump Plans To Cancel Boeing 747 Contract

By Patar Nelson Toruan

US News 2016 - The airplane manufacturer, Boeing, is now designing a new 747 Air Force One for the future president of America. But this order was canceled as spending cost more than $4 billion. "The new plane is totally out of control. It takes over $4 billion for the Air Force One program. Boeing only does a little part. I want that plane to make a lot of money, but not spend too much fund, It's really ridiculous " Trump responded when a reporter asked him on Tuesday morning.

The plane manufacturer said if they have a value contract of $170 million for Air Force project, but Trump never asked too much why he has to believe the plane will cost more than $4 billion. " No corp able to estimate the cost of the air force program, even the Pentagon has not yet decided what whistles and bells to set on the plane, "Boeing told CNN

Boeing also stated that a new brand Boeing 747 has capabilities to determine the power of US military and to support special requirement from the future president of Unites States.

All the security features set on the plane will describe cost estimation to spend. We even not know yet where Trump gets a number of $4 billion for air force project. The financial statistic which been cited by Trump not describing the financial arrangement between Defense Department and Boeing, as the plane manufacturer, said Josh Earnest, White House Spokesman.

Air Force has a budget of $2.9 billion for two Air Force One through 2012. They will change aging pair of blue, polished aluminum and white 747-200Bs used to serve the president.

Based on Department of Defense statement, Air Force has spent more than $93 million for new jet plane including the Boeing's current contract, even the plane manufacturing has yet to begin.

"We look forward to providing the best plane for a future president of United States and having the best value as the American tax payer," Boeing added

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