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Jason Miller : Mr.Trump's Stock Sold In June

By Patar Nelson Toruan

US News 2016 -   Mr. Trump at least has a financial portfolio of $22 million which will be released by Federal Election Commission in May with his largest single holding's fund of $25 million managed by BlackRock. Trump listed as a gold investor at least $100.000. But no further words of his stockholdings stock sold in June.

That's impossible to identify sales of Mr. Trump's stocks but his term of being the US President order him to release a financial statement including his stockholdings records. Mr. Miller said sales of Mr. Trump's stockholdings will alleviate his conflict even though his stock portion is not significant of his business empire. Mr Trump's also warns out of the corporation behavior like Boeing manufacturer. He attacked " out of control " for Boeing 747 manufacturer as New Air Force One through twitter on Tuesday. According to report released by the election commissions, Mr Trump has big an interest of airplane industry, Boeing, and boasted to buy shares on Twitter.

None of his team knows why Mr. Trump liquidated his stocks this year even his spokesman, Mr. Jason Miller, has no comment to seek details sales of Mr. Trump's stock. Mr. Trump added that he already sold some of his stockholdings to support his campaign during US president election.

"I am an investor and I did quit, it was a great time but I never put big portfolio in stocks market" stated Mr. Trump, interviewed by Stuart Varney from Fox Business Network on August 02, 2016. Many people know if Trump has a big portion of stock in US and abroad but he still refused to release tax returns statement of his holdings.

Whatever the reason why Mr.Trump sold his stock, It just to mitigate his conflicts that have followed him since US President election.

As The Preseident-elect, Mr. Trump will have a big authority of monetary, tax policy and also an official dealing with any countries that have some business opportunity he is interested in. It makes him easier to set a direct appointment and to indirect support his financial holdings.

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